Josh - The One Who Flees the English Rain

He has been with element3 for two years and has the national ski instructor and the national snowboard instructor in his pocket - a masterly achievement. And what does an Englishman do to escape the British rain clouds in summer?

The year of the ski instructors consists of two seasons: the ski season and the waiting-for-the-ski-season. For us, the snow-free months are merely a pointless in-between time of "twiddling our thumbs" and "being bored".

We wear our ski boots while sitting on the couch watching TV, we spend whole days watching ski videos on YouTube, we visit our skis in the basement and gently stroke them, we sit in front of the window for weeks waiting for the first signs of winter. 

And while we dream of the months of white gold, perfectly groomed slopes and beautifully carved turns, we introduce you to a few of our ski instructors and tell you what they do in summer. 

Josh makes the start. He has been with element3 for two years now and has his national skiing and snowboarding instructors under his belt - a masterstroke. And what does an Englishman do to escape the British rain clouds in summer? Exactly - he simply stays in the Gamsstadt after winter and lives the sweet mountain life. He hikes, bikes, swims in the lake and plays golf. But Josh doesn't like to eat Kaspressknödel - "What were the Austrians thinking with that smell?" he asks himself, preferring to order his veal schnitzel. 

Tell us about your first time skiing...

We were in France. I started on a very flat slope, right in front of our chalet. One of my first and best childhood memories.


What do you miss most about winter and ski instructors? 

The snow and simply the winter with all its aspects: constantly meeting new people and the nice guests who are just keen to learn how to ski.


Your skiing goal? 

I would like to become a state ski instructor and snowboard instructor, I am already in both. My biggest dream would be to become a self-employed ski instructor. No matter where, just somewhere in the mountains.


What do you do when the summer becomes unbearable and you just want to ski?

Then it's off to the Hintertux Glacier.


Why did you decide to stay in Kitzbühel in the summer? 

England is pretty depressing in the summer - there's not a lot of sun there.  


What is your everyday life like in Kitzbühel? 

A normal day for me starts at around 8:00 am. I first play a round of golf with friends, chill out at Schwarzsee, try to cycle a few kilometres, then relax for a few hours and then it's off to work. I work as a cook in a restaurant in Kitzbühel.


Three places that every person in Kitzbühel must have seen? 

The Schwarzsee, the Streif (and also walking up or down it in summer) and the beautiful Vorderstadt.


Your favourite dish of Austrian cuisine? 

Schnitzel of veal - can be expensive but it's always good.   


Is there an Austrian dish you don't like at all?

"Kaspressknödelsuppe" - no idea what the Austrians thought of that


The best restaurant in Kitzbühel? 

As a ski instructor, I am lucky enough to eat my way through all the restaurants. My top 3 are the Panorama Alm, the Berghaus Tirol and the Steinbergkogel restaurant, including the Gipfel Bar next door. 


Tell us about a beautiful hike in Kitzbühel? 

You definitely get the best view when you hike to the famous Schleier Waterfall. From there you can often see mountain peaks covered in snow, colourful flower meadows and, of course, the odd cow racing along. 


How do you keep fit over the summer so that you can hit the ground running again at the start of the ski season?

I mainly train my legs - by cycling, hiking and other sports. Summer is about keeping fit through various activities - but I would never go to the gym. Why would I, when there are so many options outside?

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