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Welcome to the element3 bike school!

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Call to all cycling enthusiasts

element3 stands for the extraordinary: the premium bike school in Kitzbühel, we are about connecting people through riding and learning.

Passionate riders, our knowledge of Kitzbühel and the surrounding trails means we know every berm, jump and switchback to maximise your days spent shredding the trails. Whether you’ve never ridden single trials, are a flow trail maestro or an experienced Downhill rider, we’ve got your back.

The concept is simple, our qualified guides will provide you will the skills to enjoy the Kitzbühel Alpen and build your confidence to reach your full potential.

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Discover our bike school offer

At Element3 Bike School the opportunities are almost limitless. We cater for all disciplines of rider whatever the ability; downhill, enduro, trail, cross-country, gravel and road.

Younger riders are the future of our sport, we provide the strong fundamental techniques for accomplished riding and a lifelong connection to cycling. Our highly qualified guides use the National Sports Academy pathway to help riders reach their goals.

For those with existing experience of riding easy trails, our guides will help you reach the next level and challenge you with the diverse terrain Kitzbühel has to offer.

The hardcore riders out there won’t be disappointed. Refining your cornering techniques, learning new tricks, taking on the World Cup Downhill Trail or sending ‘that’ drop are all part of the experience.

Don’t worry tarmac fans, Tirol’s beautiful scenery means the road cycling is incredible. With The Kitzbüheler Horn on our doorstep, you can choose either a soul breaking climb or a relaxed ‘roll-out’.

Why we are the right bike school for the whole family

Our love of cycling is at the heart of what we do. We made the decision as professionals to share our passion and experience with you, helping grow the cycling community worldwide.

The local knowledge we’ve gained from hours in the saddle, directly translates to your experience. This means effective learning, the best terrain, local tips, more riding and more fun. Our ‘extra-ordinary experiences’ guarantee you’ll want to return for more of the same.

With 4 world-class trails and training areas in Kitzbühel there’s something for everyone

- Hahenkamm Flow Trail - 7km’s of flowing feel-good terrain perfect for all riders
- Fleckalm Downhill Trail - Adrenalin fuelled with roots, jumps and enduo style terrainin
- Harschbichl Trail - What you’ve been dreaming of. Beautiful views, sweeping turns which are equally testing and rewarding
- Gaisberg Trail - The home of MTB racing in the Kitzbühel Alpen. Technically demanding with a mixture of terrain features, this track is for those who have the skills are on the way up!

From Technique to Mastery!

It’s all about the journey and the first step happens when you decide to ride. At element3 we are specialists is maximizing potential and meeting your needs. Whatever the style of riding, world class basics are necessary (balance, cornering, braking, agility). Through this process the road to Mastery is waiting for you.

Qualified Guides

Quality first. Our Guides are fully qualified and have wealth of teaching experience. We recognise the trust you place in our hands as not only teachers, but inspires, roles models, information providers and guardians.

Excellence, Emotion & Enjoyment

We are all Austrian state certified bike guides and have trained our skills to ensure your success.

We love what we do. We are either riding bikes, fixing bikes, or talking about bikes. Simply put, riding is what we do.

That’s why we are here. To live in the moment and experience the mountains.
A mixture of ‘feel good’ and challenging terrain makes your experience fun whilst providing you with the techniques to reach your goals. Everything is student-centred placing you first.

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